it’s a world of relative value

Founded in 2008 during one of the biggest financial crashes, Ayaltis formed themselfs out of the ashes. Relying on their inner compass, they set forth and begin their journey together with us 10 years later. They trusted us to make their mark using an unconventional approach. The result is just gorgeous…

Thank you Ayaltis, from the bottom of our hearts for this past Year.

Artist: Sève Favre
Director: Sven Wedekind
DoP: Daniel Kunz
PM/AD: Sebastian Kenney
AC: Fabio Müller
Hair & Make up: Daniela Wagner
Props/Styling: the cheese & chocolate crew
Edit & Grading: Sven Wedekind
Sounddesign: Domenico Livrano
Client: Ayaltis AG, Leslie Burri, Sandra Moser, Tselha Audren
Production: cheese & chocolate Film SA

cheese & chocolate Film SA // Beethovenstrasse 49 // CH-8002 Zürich // Mobile: +41 76 455 48 48 // E-Mail: welcome@cheeseandchocolate.ch